1. R-996

    R-996 is Zirconia and Alumina treated rutile titanium dioxide pigment.
    It is approved to have excellent outdoor Durability and super high gloss in Paint & Coating, ink and plastic industries.
    It is recommended as a premium pigment for a variety of high quality powder coatings,
    waterborne and solvent industrial and decoratie coating, plastic and ink.

    2. LR-972

    LR-972 is a kind of rutile TiO2 pigment from sulfuric process. The core of LR-972 is the same as R-996.
    The surface of LR-972 is trated by compact silicone dioxide and alumina.
    It maintains the same characteristic on high whiteness, high opacity and excellent dispersion.

    Type R-996 LR-972
    Cyrstal Form Rutile Rutile
    Classification ISO 591, DIN 55912 R2 R2
    ASTM D 476 II  
    CAS No. [TiO2] 13463-67-7 13463-67-7
    TiO2 content [%] min 93 92
    Rutile content [%] >99.5  
    pH Value 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5
    Oil absorption [g/100g] max 22 23
    Density [g/cm3] 4 3.9
    Sieve Residue [325 mesh, %] 0.01  
    Average Particle Size [㎛] 0.23  
    Surface Treatment Zirconia & Alumina; Organic Silicon & Alumina; Organic
    Specific Resistance(Ωm) min 100  
    Specific Resistance(us/cm)    
    CIE L   98
    Matter Volatile at 105˚C   0.5%
    Water Solubles   0.5%